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The Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH) has established the Kentucky Health Alert Network (HAN) as the primary alert notification tool for public health in Kentucky.

HAN is a secure, Internet-based system that allows government and non-government public health personnel to instantly contact and work with each other. HAN provides simple tools for issuing alerts and retrieving contact information. The system is administered by KDPH at the state level and at the local level by health department public health preparedness coordinators.

HAN allows for appropriate individuals to be notified of a public health event without specific knowledge of who each individual is by name. Each participant in HAN specifies the manner in which he or she prefers to be contacted based on the alert level. Each participant may specify multiple methods of contact for each priority level of alert including: work phone, work e-mail, home phone, cell phone, alternate phone, alternate e-mail.


KDPH, through the HAN site (Site), may change the Terms of Service at any time and in its sole discretion. The modified Terms of Service will be effective immediately upon posting and you agree to the new posted Terms of Service by continuing your use of HAN. If you do not agree with the modified Terms of Service, your only remedy is to discontinue using HAN and cancel your registration.


The Public Health Directory provides contact information for HAN participants. The role-based directory lists personnel functions and agency responsibilities undertaken during a public health event. Contact information is voluntarily provided by participants and only participants with access to issue alerts may view participant non-work contact information.

By registering with or using HAN, you consent to the collection and use of your Registration Information and the transfer of this information to KDPH for processing and storage as part of the HAN system. Additionally, you agree that KDPH may use various services or technologies to authenticate you and your identity and credentials on the Site, help store your Registration Information and transaction-related information, and enable authorized users to access the information you provide on the Site in the event of an alert.

In the event of an alert, you may be contacted via one of the specified methods of contact that you provide. Alerts you may be contacted regarding include: a public health emergency, a public health advisory, public health information, or updates. Information you provide may be also used to contact others in a similar manner. No individual providing information through the HAN system will be compensated for any information so provided.


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Current, accurate contact data is crucial to appropriate response to public health events. To maintain current contact data, participants maintain their own profiles and the system requires all participants to verify their profiles every 30 days.

As an authorized user, I agree to the following additional terms of use:

  1. I agree to make only authorized uses of any information in the Kentucky Health Alert Network (HAN). I agree to not divulge the contents of any record except as permitted by state or federal law.
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Any misuse of the system or its information may lead to temporary revocation of access privileges, permanent loss of access privileges or penalties under state and/or federal law.

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