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How do I update my profile?

You can update by click the MY PROFILE tab at the top of the home page then click the tabs that appear just below MY PROFILE to update the appropriate section of your profile. Under each section you will see an Edit Information tab. Clicking this will allow you update or add information to your profile.

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How do I find my Alerts?

Alerts in the new HAN Cores application are now called Messages. Please click the Messages tab and follow the tabs that appear below.

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How do I send Alerts by Roles?

When composing a message, under the Messages tab, click the Add Users By Search button to open the Search Center. Click on the link Go to Advanced Search (under the search button). Scroll down the Search page and click on the Memberships section. Click on the Role or Roles in the Swap Box on the left and click the arrow to add the Role or Roles to the Swap Box on the right. Click on the Search button at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can use the check all button to select everyone in the role.

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Where is the document library?

Document Library is now located in the Preparedness Branch SharePoint.

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